Living Faith



“How can I repay the LORD for all the great good done for me?
I will raise the cup of salvation and call on the name of the LORD.” ~Psalm 116:13-14

Reading today’s Holy Thursday readings, I was struck by this verse. Faced with all the great good that the Lord has done for me, how could I possibly make repayment? Bother repayment, how could I even say an adequate ‘thank you’? Thank you is not sufficient repayment for the gift of healing and salvation that the Lord has given. It is not adequate repayment for the gift of being recreated in God’s image as he draws me closer to himself each day.

I cannot repay the Lord for the great goods done to me. But there is one who can. It is this that we celebrate today. That Jesus, in lifting the cup of salvation and calling on the Lord, truly in lifting up his body and blood as the cup of salvation, does adequately and wondrously repay God for all that God has given. It is the only gift worthy of the Lord, the gift of Jesus’ whole, blameless life, given freely in love for God and for us.

It is to this gift that I must join my thanksgiving. I do so inadequately and hesitantly. But as I take part in the Eucharist I hope to be transformed in the life of Christ, to live my life as thanksgiving, to live for God’s glory alone. May it be so.




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