Living Faith

In the darkness of night, there was day

DSC00090Christ is Risen, Alleluia!

I’m not going to spend much of my celebratory Easter time writing on this blog, but I had to share one quick thought. My husband and I attended the 8pm Easter vigil at our parish last night.  It was gloriously chaotic and filled with sleepy little kids barely kept in order by their parents’ sharp whispers. What joy though!

Our parish priest gives very thought-provoking homilies most weekends and he pulled out all the stops for the Easter vigil.  It is one of the few masses of the year in which the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities celebrate mass together. So in addition to being thought-provoking, our priest had the added skill of seamlessly weaving together a completely bilingual homily.  He floated back and forth from English and Spanish without missing a beat.  It was wonderful.

One little phrase that he mentioned in Spanish caught my attention, even though my Spanish is pretty rusty.  He remarked that on Good Friday we read that as Christ hung on the cross a cloud covered the sun and it was night in the middle of the day.

Though this isn’t where he took the homily, I couldn’t help thinking that this vigil mass was the very opposite.  We started outside the church with all the lights out, in darkness.  We lit the Easter candle and sang praises to the One who created the light.  We each lit our little candles from the Easter candle, each passing her light to the person next to her until the entire church glowed with candlelight.  Though it may have been night in the middle of the day when Jesus was put to death, Christ is Risen! Now, in the darkness of night it was day!

I couldn’t help thinking all during mass of how marvelous this was. And how encouraging meditating on the light of Christ in this way truly is.

So happy Easter! And may the light of the Resurrection enlighten any night you may be facing.


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