Grace in the Everyday · Married Life

Everyday joys

So far on this little blog I’ve written two pretty serious posts. But the truth is that, the day to day? It’s pretty chill. Nevertheless, it is truly filled with joy. Today I had to work (and hard) on the final paper for my theological synthesis class (it’s coming along…slowly). When I got home from the library my husband pretty much had a homemade margarita waiting for me at the door. Amazing.

Right now in a continuation of husbandly awesomeness, he is taking advantage of this 65 degree April day to get in some apartment balcony grilling. In just a bit we’ll be dining on some grilled chicken and tomatoes with sweet potato fries to boot.

And he does it all with a smile. So grateful for my husband and hoping his good qualities will rub off on me (for his sake!).

First grill out of the season
First grill out of the season
2013-04-09 18.50.51
The yummy results


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