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15 Reasons I’m Excited For Our New Apartment

15. It has a bathroom door. Right now we just have an awkwardly thin accordion-style closure. A door will be a welcome change for sure.

14. There’s a local swimming pool. I’m more of a “fall asleep reading under a tree” sort of summertime girl, but hey, a pool’s good to have on hand! Got to love neighborhood associations!

13. It’s an excuse to redecorate. I can’t tell you how much time I have spent daydreaming about the possible configurations of living room furniture, kitchen storage, bookcase arrangement, etc. It also might be a good time for me to get (or make? do I dare?) a nice slipcover for our struggling couch.

12. It’s near an amazing farm with a huge market of locally grown produce and fresh-cut flowers. Yeah, I know. Awesome, right?

11. No stairs! This could become a “con” since who knows what lacking the built-in exercise of climbing four flights will do to my figure. But I’m still excited. Hey, I’ll do yoga.

10. It’s in a house instead of an apartment building. Just us and the owner. We have the whole first floor with our own entrance, and we’ll have delightfully quiet evenings. No college students for miles around!

9. Trees. We’ve lived in the city for years and both of us (but especially the husband) are looking forward to living in a place surrounded by trees, trails, cattails and marshes. Oh, glorious nature.

8. Unavoidable internet upgrade. Our super cheap internet deal from 2 years ago is starting to feel really, really slow. Though this will be one expense bump, I’m glad to be forced to pay more for faster internet at this point.

7. Free laundry and utilities. Laundry in unit. No stairs involved. And heat, hot water, electricity all included. Are you starting to see why I’m excited about this place?

6. Near awesome historical sites. Louisa May Alcott’s house. Need I say more?

5. A back yard. {Insert contented sigh}.

4. Excuses to be crafty. We’re technically “downsizing” (just a little bit) so that means I will just have to get creative about re-purposing, exposed storage, counter space, and so on. I am so excited. No, really. Expect picture tutorials.

3. A friendly landlord. He’s offered us espressos/macchiatos every time we’ve come by. He’s even offered to look after our dog if we’re ever away for the weekend. It’ll be nice to have a real neighbor instead of the people we just sort of nod to when we pass them in our apartment building stairway.

2. Reserved parking. After two years of combing neighborhood after Boston neighborhood for parking near our house this is a relief. We’ll always know we can come home to a spot.

1. It’s going to save us a lot of money. At literally 2/3 the rent of our current place it is saving us a bit more than chump change. We’ll gladly put that back in our pockets, thanks!

Well, with this introduction, I expect you’ll want to come visit.  See you there starting in June!

P.S. You might have to bring dinner, since the mini-stove certainly isn’t on this list. ;)



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