Five Favorites

Friday Favorites 05/31/13

Since we just moved into our new place this week, some of this Friday’s favorites will be new apartment-related.  :)  Enjoy!

1. Friends You Can Count On

When you move on Memorial Day it’s an extra-special favor to ask friends to lend a hand.  We were blessed to have five friends (plus a baby) help us move all our stuff down four flights of stairs and into our new place.  They even stayed to set up the bed so that we would have a place to sleep even if everything else was still in boxes.  So grateful for these people!

2013-05-27 13.49.45
Our moving crew.

2. Finding the perfect sidewalk treasure, exactly when you need it.

I found this on the side of the road the morning of our move. I had decided to take our dog, Molly, for a longer-than-usual early morning walk since I knew it would be her last chance to sniff around in the park. It seems I was rewarded for my charity towards my pup because on the way back home I stumbled across this beautiful trash to treasure find!  A great counter top and a sturdy base that just needed a little cleaning and a pretty new piece of fabric to stand in for doors (that will be coming soon!).

It needs a little work, but it's going to be awesome.
It needs a little work, but it’s going to be awesome.
I mean, check out this counter top!
I mean, check out this counter top!

3. Étègere to Faux Built-In

We had had this over our toilet for bathroom linens in our old apartment but this apartment has shelves in the bathroom.  Without the legs attached this former étègere became the perfect place for spices and smaller cooking supplies!

Excuse the stacks of bins...
Excuse the stacks of bins…

4. Puppy Pals

Our landlord dog sits a lot and is totally cool with Molly coming up to his part of the house to play.  It certainly keeps her entertained and they make a cute pair.

Molly & Zorba
Molly & Zorba

5. These Shoes

Remember my recent yellow obsession from last week?  Well, I found one use for it: these adorable new summer flats.  Contented sigh. :)



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