Grace in the Everyday · June Photos

Day 2: First Thing

2013-06-02 05.37.42Sitting down in my comfy, over-sized red armchair with a cup of coffee, my bible and my journal is one of the first things I do each day. In fact, when I convince myself that this time of prayer doesn’t really have to be a “first thing,” it often doesn’t happen at all! So even though I think checking my email or doing a little housecleaning beforehand will clear the task list or just take a minute, it inevitably gets me into go-mode and away from my contemplative morning mood. Though I haven’t always had a habit of praying first thing, in the last few years I’ve found this to be been a very life-giving and refreshing routine for me. Spending time in worship and conversation with God each morning centers me and sets the tone for my day even to such an extent that on days when I skip my prayer my husband can notice that “something’s off.” It’s amazing how saying yes to the Holy Spirit can transform us in ways we can’t even articulate! So this picture is taken in honor of morning prayer time. It is a special part of my day that I hope I always put first.

This post is part of the June Photography Challenge.


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