Grace in the Everyday · June Photos

Day 3: Natural Light

2013-06-03 16.43.52 2013-06-03 16.37.04I got home today with just enough time to take a few pictures in “natural light” before the streams of sunlight disappeared behind the tall trees of our backyard. After a long (but good) first day of clinical pastoral education both of these pictures are moments in our end of the day routine. I snapped the first one as my husband delved further into the book he is currently enthralled with. The other picture shows the sun shining in on tomorrow’s outfit for CPE. I figured I might as well pick out tomorrow’s as I exchanged today’s for a comfy set of t-shirt and shorts! These pictures are very mundane in a way, but I’m glad of the commitment to this challenge. It sort of forced me to relax with this hobby of mine upon coming home.

This post is part of the June Photography Challenge.


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