June Photos

Days 7-9: Clashing Colors, Small Detail, and Mirror

So, it was a busy weekend and I got a little behind on my picture challenge. Mostly, I took the pictures, but I didn’t post them. I was stuck in Logan airport because of tropical storm Andrea (the irony!) and had a late night on Friday in my attempt to make it to a family wedding. Having finally arrived at said wedding, however, it gave me ample opportunity to take pictures! I’m currently still one picture behind, but hey, who knows, maybe I’ll get to that tonight. Anyway, enjoy.

Day 7: Clashing Colors

2013-06-10 15.20.49 editFor a while, I found myself philosophically opposed to this photo task. Everywhere I looked, even in the airport! it seemed that no matter how unexpected the color pairing, people were able to make it work. I think bright colors and different color combos have been in style recently so I have become accustomed to new combinations of colors. The only thing I found was a woman wearing bright red pants and carrying a black and yellow Vera Bradley bag. Ya, it was ugly. But I didn’t feel fair taking a picture of this unsuspecting stranger with the clashing colors get-up. It did give me an idea though. These bags always give me a headache when I see them all lined up in a store. They can sometimes look nice on their own, but all smashed together? you guessed it: my proof that clashing colors do indeed exist. Cringe.

Day 8: Small Detail

2013-06-08 11.51.40 copyThe favor for the wedding were these little paper cards with heart-shaped wildflower seed papers attached. What is a wildflower seed paper, you ask? Well, if you plant this piece of paper in the earth, wildflowers will spring up! I’m happy I captured this beautiful and sweet detail from such a beautiful and sweet wedding.

Day 9: Mirror

2013-06-10 04.57.55 editI don’t have much to say about this picture other than that taking a picture of a mirror is just automatically artsy, which is fun. Thoughts?

This post is part of the June Photography Challenge.



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