June Photos

Day 14: From Above

This weekend my husband was out of town for work so I was left to my own devices. What I had planned to be a chill weekend at home ended up being a weekend full of quality time with my favorite people. I spent two hours on the phone a long-distance friend who I miss dearly; I had lunch with another friend in celebration of the end of a long school year for her; I got dinner at the 99 with my brother and dad as an early Father’s Day celebration; my brother and I watched Tin Tin together; and finally, this morning, my mom brother and I went out for breakfast at a very tasty local diner. On the way home, my brother suggested we stop over in Blue Hills where there is a nice view of Boston for my “From Above” picture. I took some pictures of the city, but was dissatisfied. Instead, I decided to get up on top of a three foot high pillar and take this picture of my mom and brother. Since it was so sunny today (praise God! I was sooo sick of rain!) neither of them were able to look at the camera! But I still really liked the picture with it’s summer feeling and their warm smiles laughing at how strong the sun was in their eyes. Here’s to a great weekend!

This post is part of the June Photography Challenge.