June Photos

Day 20: In Progress

This is certainly something that has been “in progress” for a long while. Last July, my husband and I spent a belated honeymoon exploring Ireland. Neither of us had been there before and boy was it amazing! Everywhere you go you can buy these beautiful cable knit wool sweaters in the shops. But they were so expensive. And also, I love to knit! I relished the idea of knitting our own sweaters. Instead of sweaters, we bought yarn, yards and yards of it. It took up most of the room in my suitcase. Upon reaching the States I began work on the most extensive knitting project I had ventured so far, my first sweater. I must say, I didn’t pick an easy one to start out on, but it has come a long way. Just about a month ago I finished the neckline and joined the shoulders. Now all that’s left is to knit the arms and attach them. I plan to have it finished before the weather gets cold again, and after that, it’s onto my sweater! All this will certainly continue to be “in progress” for quite some time.

This post is part of my June Photography Challenge.


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