June Photos

Day 21: Fresh

Yesterday was my day off (since I have a shift this weekend) and my husband and I took the opportunity to explore our new town a little bit. One of the things I was looking forward to with our new place was checking out a nearby farm and grocery that sells local produce. The produce comes from their own farm or from other Massachusetts or New England farmers.  They also sell beautiful flowers!  We were a little worried that the prices would be sky-high, but they were similar to Shaw’s/Stop & Shop so we loaded up our bags.  I’d go here any day. There’s such a wide selection of produce and the atmosphere is bustling and chaotic with lots of life (a bit too bustling and chaotic for my husband who found the subsequent visit to Trader Joe’s to be a relief if you can imagine). Anyway, I present you with “Fresh.” Don’t you just want to drool over those veggies! I can’t wait to taste the crock pot BBQ chicken meal that that zucchini went into. Until next time!

This post is part of the June Photography Challenge.


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