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Date “Night”: Reading in the Park

This past week was filled with sunny and warm days in the Boston area. It was my last week of summer since I start classes tomorrow. To take advantage of one of my last few days of freedom, Tom and I decided to plan a day with one of my favorite summer pastimes: reading on a blanket under a tree.

We chose our books (Antigone for him, House of Mirth for me), packed up some cheese, crackers and peaches for a picnic snack and head out to the local town green. We laid out our blanket in the shade and read for a couple of hours with the breeze tickling our bare feet and birds twittering nearby. It was a perfectly relaxing afternoon date. :)


P.S. Do you have any ideas for cheap or free dates? Share them in them in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Date “Night”: Reading in the Park

  1. That sounds WONDERFUL! Also, thanks for featuring YMM in Blogs You Follow :)

    I love wandering around a bookstore for a date, especially when I follow John around instead of splitting up and looking in the sections I’m drawn to (fiction, children’s). He’s more interested in nonfiction, and when I follow him a little bit, I see things I never would have seen on my own. Good little metaphor in there, huh? :)


    1. I like the metaphor! Tom and I have perused many a bookstore as a date too. I’ll have to try following him around sometime. He’s more into sci fi and history and I’m more taken with mystery paperbacks. :)



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