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Stories to Tell the Kids, Vol. 2: Under the Stars

This is Vol. 2 of my new series, “Stories to Tell the Kids.” Read more in the previous post, “Intro & How We Met.”

After Tom and I met on retreat in October of my sophomore year of college, we soon became good friends. We shared the same friend group at church and started to see a lot of one another. One important moment I remember was when the two of us and a group of other friends were talking at a birthday party. It was getting to be around 9pm and I still had to write a 5-pager for class in the morning. “I should probably get going. I have a paper to write.” “What? You have plenty of time!” Anyone who knows Tom knows how notorious he is for luring people into late-night conversations in lieu of doing work. (Maybe something not to share with the kids!) And such was this night. He, myself, and two other friends ended up sitting around and talking in a common room until late, late into the night. I think I started the paper around 4am. But he was right, I had plenty of time to finish it before class. What I didn’t have much time for that night was sleep!!!

Over the next few months there were many nights like this, and I learned a lot about Tom through our late-night conversations. The more we talked, the more I admired him and trusted him. Soon I was secretly whispering to my friends that I hoped we would get together.

Tom and me with friends before the winter formal.

In December, I invited him to a winter formal on campus. After a good amount of fun dancing and taking pictures, we and another couple made our way back from the faculty club where the formal was back to the Yard. “I wonder if we could get up to the observatory?” we wondered. Figuring the doors up to the observatory in the science center would be locked, we wandered about the building in our formal attire mostly for fun. We were right, they were locked, but just as we were about to turn back, a freshman friend of ours came out of the locked door.

“Hi guys!” She said. “Bea, what are you doing here?” “I forgot my jacket up in the observatory earlier and since I have a key as part of the astronomy club I came back to get it.” Keep in mind, it was close to midnight. Feels like God had a hand in this, huh? “Would you mind letting us up there?”

We two couples made our way up the steps to the observatory. The stars and moon glittered through the telescope, and we stood out on the observatory balcony soaking in the lights of Cambridge from the high vista. It was absolutely beautiful. We spent close to two hours just talking and laughing under the stars, before us all heading home. Not bad for a first date, don’t you think?



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