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A Last Burst of Summer

This summer wasn’t particularly relaxing for me. In fact, I worked full time as a hospital chaplain, which, while extremely rewarding was also extremely exhausting and left me with little energy for anything else. It didn’t feel like much of a summer, and not only because I was working full time. I was in air conditioning 40+ hours a week! I wore sweaters! What’s up with that?

I had just two weeks to make up for lost time before starting grad school again. This last week in the Boston area has been full of high temperatures reminding me of what summer should have felt like. So in honor of summer here are some highlights from my glorious two weeks of it.

Hung out with this gal:


Saw Family & Ate Lobster

This was a double whammy. love lobster in the summer. Growing up in New England, it is up there with bathing suits and sprinklers as must haves for this glorious season. Plus, when you can get a good sized one for like $20 at the coast, what’s holding you back? My family had a big lobster boil to get in just a little more summer before the official start of fall.


IMG_8028We took a walk around the neighborhood and found that summer was still going strong by the seashore. Drink in these last few shots of summer, people!


IMG_8032 IMG_8036IMG_8040

Fall crept in a bit, though. It was the Patriots’ first game of the season and we even found apples in a tree nearby my uncle’s house. I love fall, so I’m ok with it, but I feel like I didn’t get my fill of summer this year. Anyone got a cherry pie? Can I hear some fireworks? I’d like a bit more please!


Caught up on some knitting

This project has been long in the coming (about a year now), and I want to finish it before it gets cold enough to wear the darn thing! But knitting a wool sweater isn’t always the most alluring hobby in the middle of summer.

IMG_7395Nonetheless, having finished the trunk, I got some good work done on one of the sleeves. Once the sleeves are done I’ll just have to sew it up and block it a bit and voila! a handmade Irish sweater with wool straight from Dingle. I brought it back in my suitcase last year when Tom and I took a belated honeymoon in Ireland. So, I am excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now there’s just my sweater to get knitting. ;)

Was a Groupie for a Weekend

So, I have a long-time love of John Mayer. I know, I know, he’s a total cad and I don’t really respect the guy, but boy can he play the guitar. Plus, I met him when I was 17. There was no going back. His most recent two albums (Paradise Valley and Born & Raised) are really fun. He’s sort of transitioned from his blues phase to a more folky-western-blues fusion. Anyway, it works and I like it way better than the over-processed smooth tunes of Battle Studies which is literally the only John Mayer album I don’t own. And hey, the man gets my need for summer. Some lyrics from the opening song of Paradise Valley are, “A little bit of summer is what the whole year’s all about,” and “A little bit of summer makes a lot of history.”

I had been looking forward to going to JM’s concert in Mansfield, MA all summer. It was literally the day after I finished my hospital chaplaincy program so I knew it would come as a reward for a hard-worked summer. And didn’t it just! I had the pleasure of going with my fellow fan and friend, Melissa.


The concert itself would have been enough of a celebration. It was as amazing as expected and aside from the music, I also felt like it was sort of healing for my fandom of JM. The guy’s been through a lot, and I feel like he’s just seeking a normal life, some forgiveness and wholeness. Hey, who am I to argue with conversion, even if incomplete?

But ya, so the concert was SO good that we decided to go to another one. the next day. in New Hampshire. I’m not a particularly crazy adventurous person, but that’s why we have friends, right? To make life a little more interesting? So with Melissa’s mischievous encouragement and late-night phone approval from my husband, we purchased tickets on her iPhone and made plans to travel to New Hampshire in the morning.

Yup, we were groupies for a weekend.

And was it worth it? To see two of ostensibly the same concert in two days? Heck, yes. If the first concert was awesome for sentimental value, the second was amazing for John’s guitar work which was on fire. And really, how often do you get to do something so wacky and fun? Oh, and did I mention we were in the 12th row?


Cheers to summer. 


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