Grace in the Everyday

Hello, Fall.

I love fall. I love fall so much that I made my first semester of grad school completely chaotic by insisting to get married in October. My birthday’s in the fall, school starts up again in the fall. The trees turn brilliant shades of red and orange. It is the perfect combination of warm and cold. In other words, I can wear cozy sweatshirts and still avoid wearing socks, hehe, my favorite! It is time to bake pies, lots and lots of pies. Apple cider. Cinnamon. Books. Mm, mm. Yup, fall is the best.

This past weekend I celebrated the start of fall by going apple picking with friends.  The trees were packed full of apples! They looked more like oversized bunches of grapes than apples, honestly.

IMG_8089 edit


They were some seriously beautiful apples. I can’t wait to make pie. (That fun task is set for tomorrow! Can’t come soon enough!) And picking them with friends made it even better. While Tom and I are still working on putting our family mission into a crisp (mmm, that reminds me of apple crisp) statement, one thing’s for sure, having our family be part of and an instigator of community is very important to both of us. We enjoy bringing people together to share old memories and make new ones.

IMG_8060 edit

IMG_8088IMG_8069editIMG_8073 editAnd what’s so fun about apple picking? Well, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, so on one level, it’s just fun because it = fall to me. Apple picking is best with little kids, so it’s lucky my friends have one to bring along. He’s getting the hang of it!

IMG_8078 edit

But it’s also fun because you get to climb trees:


And you get to eat apples, sometimes even covered in caramel. Mmm, mmm, mmm.


Happy fall, friends!



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