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Five Favorites: Vol. 2

Hey friends. I’m linking up with Hallie at again this week to share my Five Favorites. Enjoy!

– 1 –
Apple Pie

Ok, so I really love pie. I love it so much that I had pie instead of cake at our wedding. Apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and pecan people. Lots and lots of pies. My personal favorite is apple, though, no question. And lucky for me, I went apple picking this weekend. So I have lots and lots of apples for pie. I’m sure you have your own favorite pie recipe, so I won’t write what I do here, but basically I’m looking for thin-sliced, densely-packed apples with a light coating of cinnamon and sugar topped with a flaky crust. The result? This. Mmm, mmm can’t wait to bake one up today!


– 2 –
Community of Saints

At the beginning of this week (Sunday and Monday, specifically) I was really, really stressed out about my school work. Not for any real reason. Ya, I was behind on reading that was due Tuesday, but I was also definitely overreacting. On Monday, I had to go grocery shopping or else we wouldn’t be able to eat dinner and this loss of valuable time just about pushed me over the stressed-out edge. I texted my husband, all in a huff, looking for someone to help me rationalize tv watching over lunch to help me relax. “Ok…” he typed back, ” but remember prayer > tv. Why don’t you say a decade of the rosary to help you calm down?” I wasn’t ready to hear it. I watched tv. It helped, a little. But you know what really helped in the end? Yup, prayer. I prayed a rosary on the way to class, and that helped. But I also didn’t trust myself to my own prayers. I typed out a text to two trusted friends and pray-ers: “Feeling really moody and easily irritated. Will you please pray for me?” They both responded right away that of course, yes, they would. And you know what, I fully believe that the grace from their prayers soothed my rumpled up spirit and helped me to truly enjoy class and enter the car for my ride home with a more peaceful heart. After all, “The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.” says James 5:16. I, for one, am convinced.

– 3 –

On the topic of having lots of things to do, I feel I need to favorite Wunderlist. Reasons why it’s awesome: 1) You can pronounce it Voonderlischt and feel super cool. 2) It’s cloud-based 3) It’s just your basic task with due date sort of platform. Nothing fancy people, just a place to keep track of all the crap I have to get done! That being said, you can get a little fancy and easily organize tasks into categories, set up reminders, have subtasks and notes for each task, and star particularly important tasks so they move to the top of your list. Whoa, I have a lot to do today. Baking pie isn’t even on that list…better hurry up and finish this post!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.48.14 AM

– 4 –
Over the River and through the Woods
a.k.a My Shortcut to the Bus Stop

Our apartment borders 5 acres of wooded and marsh land which is beautiful. I don’t always get the chance to go outside and enjoy it, but lately I’ve been taking a shortcut through the woods to get to my bus stop faster in the morning. Yesterday I was awestruck by the beauty of the trees loaded with crab apples near the little brook I have to cross. Even though I was running late, I couldn’t help but stop and admire God’s creation.


– 5 –
 Dessert Plates <FINALLY!>

I am happy to present the long-sought-after dessert plates. I’m pretty proud of this purchase. Why? Just plates, you say? It’s true, they’re just plates, and in the realm of plates they’re really pretty unnecessary, but for some reason the plate-making people think that the smallest plates someone would ever need is 8″ wide. I don’t know what’s up with that. An 8″ plate feels HUGE when you’re using it to serve cheese and crackers or even a piece of pie. There’s just so much unnecessary dish! And it all has to be washed too… We like to conserve space around here, even in the dish drying rack.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for little plates for months and months and never found something I liked or for the right price. Target came through again with these little babies. 5″ wide and in jewel tones (you know how much I love those!). Plus, they were cheap enough that if I get bored with them I can eventually change them out. And they’re small enough to hide inside my serving bowl and not take up more room in the cabinet. I even stayed within my fun money budget to buy them. There are too many wins in this situation to count. :)



5 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Vol. 2

  1. Those plates are ADORABLE. I’d love to see one with a slice of pie on it :) And John and I are just entering the world of iPhones (or iPods). I told him about Pocket last week, which we’re both super excited to download. Wunderlist looks like the other thing I’d been looking for. Keep up the recommendations, please!



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