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Five Favorites: Vol. 4

What? It’s Wednesday again? I don’t believe it! I fully intended to write another blog post before the week turned around, but alas, here we are. I must say my excuse is a good one: I’ve been working really hard to be a responsible graduate student and keep up on my readings. Really!

Anyhow, linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife!

– 1 –


So, I study theology alongside quite a few Jesuits, and lately I’ve been really thankful for them. Most of the Jesuits in my class year are about to be ordained to the diaconate this Saturday, and it has been such a blast to see them all so excited (bubbly, really) for this super-important sacramental step on the road to priesthood. And also, lately, I’ve been impressed by the humility of so many of them, who, despite their many more years of education and experience than most of us at the school, do a good job of engaging their classmates with patience and generosity. They’re always trying to include and not exclude the rest of us with a generosity of hospitality that is quite beautiful. So, today, I favorite Jesuits, and specifically I toast my fellow MDiv 3’s for a happy ordination this Saturday!

– 2-
Phil Wickham’s, The Ascension

I promise this week’s five faves won’t all be music recommendations, but I have been loving this album lately. Well, specifically since Saturday when I discovered it on Spotify while writing a paper and listened to it on repeat four or five times straight. Yup. I subsequently purchased it.

What I like about it? It’s uplifting and a lot of the songs have a good beat to them. The lyrics are scriptural mostly but from a wide variety of places in the Bible, like one talks about the desire for heaven compared with David’s joy before the tabernacle. But mostly, I think they are beautiful and joyful songs. Good, uncheesy Christian music. :)

Take a listen!

– 3 –
Public Transportation

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.13.55 AMThere are many days when this would not be a favorite, but I’ve begun to truly enjoy my various trips on the T each week. I like being around all different sorts of people, I love rocking out to music without anyone knowing what I’m listening to, I like sporting a copy of The Rule of St. Benedict and wondering what people think (if anything!), I like sneaking in some knitting, giving tourists directions, watching moms juggle babies and toddlers on the bus, and people getting up to offer their seat to unsteady older persons. I like recognizing the “regulars” on my route and pondering why one Tuesday the bus will be empty and another Tuesday it’s packed. I feel somehow connected to the ebbing and flowing tide of life, and I really love it.  

– 4 –
My Crock Pot


Have I told you how much I love this before? I don’t really think I’ve mentioned it. Well, this semester with traveling into school/work from our new apartment and all, Tom and I have had less time to prepare meals. We’ve been relying pretty heavily on this baby, and it’s been a rockstar. I would have to say my favorite recipe so far is “Savory Chicken” from Reluctant Domestic Diva but we’ve tried quite a few different ones, many of which have been quite tasty. Every other week or so we shop for three crock pot meals, then put them in plastic bags and freeze them until we’re ready to cook. We usually make one at the beginning of a week and reheat the leftovers for subsequent meals. It’s great!

– 5 –

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.09.26 AMLately I’ve been spending many of my hours working on designing newsletters and other print design work for a non-profit org I love. In doing so, I sometimes need a flashy new font to make something pop. I mean, a lot of the time I just rely on some iteration of Helvetica, let’s be honest, but every now and then I need something like Dawning of a New Day for a little romance. I rely on because, well, it’s free, has a ton of variety, and the fonts are easy to download. You’re welcome!


2 thoughts on “Five Favorites: Vol. 4

  1. I am currently listening to the first track of Phil Wickham’s new one and I’m LOVING it. Thanks for the recommendation. I love the line… “further up and further in…” So good!



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