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Five Favorites, Vol. 7


Here are this week’s five favorites. Sadly didn’t get another post in this week…I’ve been lacking in inspiration. Gasp! But wanted to share these with you, and I think I’ll have another post in the works soon. Say a prayer for my creative brain cells. :)

As per usual, check out Hallie’s and lots of other lovely bloggers’ Five Favorites over at
Moxie Wife by clicking the image above.

– 1 –
“Lead Me On”
Audrey Assad

Now, I promise that I’m not trying to steal Hallie’s thunder, but I also have been loving Audrey Assad’s album Fortunate Fall all this week and frankly for a few weeks now. I love “I Shall Not Want,” reminiscent of the Catholic prayer the Litany of Humility, and also the many songs based off of Psalm 23, especially “Lead Me On” which I’ll go ahead and choose as my favorite today since it’s been sort of my theme song as I begin to consider What To Do After Grad School (yup, it’s cap worthy). P.S. Ideas for what to do with my MDiv are gladly welcomed.

– 2 –
Echoes of Eternity

I received this little devotional a few years ago and every time I pick it up I’m blessed by the simple, holy meditations inside. It’s a daily devotional so each day has a scripture verse and a reflection, but the reflections are, in my experience of devotionals, unique. This is because instead of the typical author’s thoughts, these are written from the perspective of God speaking to the reader. The pages are full of gentle exhortation, loving reminders, hellos from God. I’m not sure how the author pulled it off (though I’m going to go ahead and assume there was a lot of prayer involved) but these pages feel filled with grace and make for fruitful prayer again and again. I highly recommend it.

– 3 –
Mashed Butternut Squash and Apples

Such a yummy easy little recipe!!! Just 4 ingredients and you cook it in the microwave. The hardest part is cutting up the butternut squash, but the husband enjoyed hacking it to bits for me. So tasty, and only 2 pts+ for 2/3 cup!
Same amount of points as one of these babies…

– 4 –
Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups

I might be saving points on that butternut squash, but it has not been a healthy week. Our landlord gave us near to a full container of these on Halloween. Less than a week later they are totally devoured. I plopped the last little peanut buttery morsel into my mouth this morning. Oh. So. Good.

– 5 –
Liturgical Year Blogs

So, this seems kind of niche, right? But there are more than a few that I frequent! Notable and worthy of getting a shout out are Carrots for Michaelmas and Catholic All Year. Now, these blogs certainly aren’t all about the liturgical year. There are lots of baby pictures and other inspiring posts and both mamas are delightfully literary as well! [Insert: English major swoon.] I don’t know, I guess with the holidays starting to creep in on us I’m starting to think more about how we can celebrate not only the big holidays but the day-in-day-out celebrations as well. I’d have to think through how to set up some of these rhythms in our two-grown-ups-and-a-dog family situation for now, but lots of their suggestions would be great with kids.



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