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Five Favorites, Vol. 8


Guys, I am ALMOST DONE WITH TOM’S CABLE KNIT SWEATER. No, really. I’ve been at it for over a year and a half now (of course with periods of grad school mania and sheer “I’m over this” in between) and I am very, very happy to look forward to starting a new project soon. Namely, my Ireland sweater. We bought a suitcase full of yarn when we visited Ireland two summers ago for just this purpose and I’m so glad we did, because long haul aside, the yarn is gorgeous and these sweaters are/will be so special!

And by almost, I mean I just started the second sleeve. This post might be premature.
And by almost, I mean I just started the second sleeve. This post might be premature.

So, now that you have the background, here are five sweaters I’m considering knitting for myself. I will only choose one, mind you, but these are my five favorites from having browsed endless sweater options on Ravelry. So hard to choose! Can you help? I’d love your opinion in the comments! And don’t forget to visit other bloggers via MoxieWife’s Five Favorites link up by clicking the logo above.

This is the yarn I’ll be using for my sweater:


– 1 –
Stonecutter’s Cardigan

I really like the back of this one, and I like how long it is. It also looks so comfy and rustic. The pattern is subtle, though it looks like it could be a pain with all those cables. I can just imagine being wrapped up in this one though, so that’s a plus.

© Savory Knitting

– 2 –
Bloody Mary

Here’s another one I just adore the back of. In this case, I like the front too. It’s another nice long cardigan. The front has that cable pattern along each side of a center strip of buttons making front and back a matching design. Despite the…unexpected cemetery motif in this sweater’s photo shoot, this sweater somehow reminds me of a library, which you know I love.

© 2012 Baby Cocktails

– 3 –

I really like this one. Not sure about the hood, but this one just screams Celtic to me. Robin Hood in particular. ;) But no, I love the color detail (of course that would require me to buy more yarn, no complaints here) and I think the pattern is beautiful. This could be the one people. Especially if I made it into a cardigan (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

© Jane Heller

– 4 –
Gelsomina Aran

I’m starting to come to a decision, and then this one comes along. Look at that boat neck! I love the lattice work too, though it doesn’t scream Celtic quite so loudly. And that stitch along the sides looks like it might drive me insane. Nonetheless, this is so pretty! Hard to pass up…

© Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

– 5 –
Hooray Cardigan

I like this one because it’s distinctive. It’s got that nice boatneck collar and I really love the way the cardigan opens up at the bottom. Would make this great to wear with skirts! There aren’t a ton of cables, so it lacks some of that Celtic feel I’m looking for and it’s possible I would get bored doing all that plain reverse stockinette stitch. But upside, it would go quickly!

© Veera Välimäki

So, what do you think? Which will it be?


10 thoughts on “Five Favorites, Vol. 8

  1. I do the same thing, saying I’m almost done when I have about twelve hours of work left . . . that I know will probably take me two weeks. But I am almost done with a sweater for Jacob–four rows and bind off! He’s only 30 pounds, so it’s less of an achievement than the gorgeous beyond gorgeous sweater you knit for Tom!
    I love #4–so feminine and delicate. And I love that #5 is called Hooray. But I see what you mean about them being less “Celtic.” Any of them is going to be gorgeous!



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