Five Favorites

Five Favorites, Vol. 9: Celebrations Edition

Happy WednesdayThursday everyone! I meant to get this to you yesterday but it just didn’t happen. Since it’s been pretty quiet on the blog of late, I’m going to catch you up to speed with some of my Five Favorite moments from the last five weeks (which have been very eventful!).


– 1 –
Helping our Friend Propose


When we got a call from a very good friend of ours asking if he could crash on our couch because he was planning to surprise his girlfriend both a) by being in the same city as she was while she was vacationing with a friend and b) by proposing to her we said, YES (and so did she) ;o)  It was so fun to be part of their awesome day from behind the scenes.

– 2 –
Celebrating my Husband

Tom’s and my birthdays are only nine days apart, but we like celebrating our birthdays very differently. Tom likes a nice quiet night at home with a good, home-cooked meal. I like to go out, have friends over, make a little fuss. This year, I made Tom a hefty steak to celebrate turning another year older and we watched a few episodes of the John Adams HBO series (which is SO good!). It was a relaxing and nice night in for us both.

– 3 –
Our Birthday Novena

Remember how I said Tom and I were born 9 days apart (well, 1 year and 9 days, technically)? Well, the last couple of years we’ve tried to say a novena between our two birthdays, because, why not, right? I like that it links our two special days with prayer and allows us to dedicate the time to something that’s meaningful to us as a couple. This year we prayed this novena to St. Ann, mother of Mary. I liked praying with St. Ann (and Tom) but I was only sort of enthused by the particular novena we chose. Why is it so hard to find novenas that use normal language instead of words like “whence” and “beseech” and “lavished”. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Shakespearean play. Alas. It was still a nice time of prayer for us.

– 4 –
Celebrating My Birthday

So like I said, I like to make a little bit of a fuss for my birthday. Tom did an awesome job of helping that happen this year. We went to a little Italian restaurant the night before my birthday. It was just the right mix of fancy and relaxed so that I felt like it was special but also felt comfortable talking about random things like Star Wars over dinner.

Then, the next morning, Tom brought me breakfast in bed! Talk about living it up! What an amazing husband I have. :)

Breakfast in Bed!!!
Breakfast in Bed!!!

And finally on the evening of my birthday, I had a Ladies Only, Birthday, Crafting Night Extravaganza. You heard me. I had four of my girlfriends over for a dinner of Moroccan chicken with butternut squash and mulled wine followed by crafting. I set the table with placemats my Memérè sewed to set the crafting mood. My friends brought delicious desserts of German almond cake and peanut butter Reese’s cup cookies. After dinner, we made these cute little Christmas ornaments for ourselves/family/friends. I was so impressed by my friends’ creativity and we all had so much fun playing with glue guns, glitter and chatting.

– 5 –

Thanksgiving’s the best, amirite? I love hanging out with my dad’s side of the family, eating so much good food and relaxing. We follow up the turkey (and pork and ham and ground beef stuffing and…) dinner with an epic evening of cards. I prefer to watch because I’m too antsy to sit still all evening, but they played our family’s traditional game, Sevens, as well as Spades. The Turkey Day trophy goes home with the winner until next year. :)



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