Five Favorites

Five Favorites, Vol. 10

I hate to have to tell you this, but I’m in the middle of finals period. I know, I wish it weren’t the case either. On top of that, we’ve given up TV in our household to better observe Advent (more on that later). I haven’t, however, given up procrastination. And without Doctor Who episodes to steal away my time, I’ve had to get creative. So without further ado, my (drumroll please!)

Five Favorite Things Discovered While Procrastinating

(linked up with Hallie and all her sweet peas today @MoxieWife. She has a great “Gift Guide for Him” on there today. Too bad I’m already done with my Christmas shopping! :D)


– 1 –
Heracleion, you know, that ancient city we found underwater

What? We found a whole underwater city? Why did I not hear about this sooner???

So cool. Click the image to read more about the city Heracleion, discovered in its watery grave.

– 2 –

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.21.31 AMStrengthen your core brain functioning while playing [infuriatingly fun] little games on your computer. I know, such a grad school way to procrastinate. I just use the free version, though I’m often tempted to upgrade. I admit I’ve played them during class lectures, though, I’m sure I’ve gotten fewer lumosity points and remembered less about the lecture while doing so. I also always sort of wonder if my professors notice when the typing from my keyboard is predominantly from the arrow keys instead of the full breadth of QWERTY.

– 3 –
The Wailin’ Jennys, Bright Morning Stars

Don’t get too excited, it’s not an Advent album (though its title would be great for Advent). It is however, a great album and its been getting me through paper research and (fingers-crossed) the last bit of writing I have to do today.

– 4 –
WestJet’s Christmas Surprise

So lovely. :) Can you imagine going home as the guy who asked for new socks and underwear? Reasons to dream big.

– 5 –
The People’s Pope

He just keeps coming atcha with more and more awesomeness. Everyone I talk to, it seems irrespective of religious persuasion, is SO PUMPED ABOUT POPE FRANCIS. It is very little wonder to me that Time Magazine announced him this morning as Person of the Year. And while I didn’t discover Pope Francis while procrastinating, per se, he sure keeps me supplied with a steady stream of distractingly awesome things to read, look at, think and pray about. Thanks, Papa.

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