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The Day of the Cookies (a.k.a. Five Favorites, Vol. 11)


So, I am finally done with exams, but I have to say that this week I have felt somehow even more pressed for time! With only a couple of days left before we start our Christmas tour (aka celebrating Christmas in five distinct places in three different states), I’ve had plenty of packing and errands and BAKING to do. My dad asked for cookies for Christmas this year, which was great because I never know what to get him, so I’ve gone all out and baked him five different sorts of cookies, with a bonus of my egg-free frozen edible cookie dough to boot. Click the cookie titles to find the recipes.


– 1 –
Chocolate Cherry Walnut Cookies


These seemed like they would be really complicated and I almost didn’t make them, but seeing how much my dad (and my husband for that matter) like cherry/chocolate things, I went for it. They turned out not to be a hassle at all! Melting the chocolate was easy enough and other than that it was more or less just mixing up cookies as usual. Plus they look so fancy, and this picture doesn’t even include their chocolate drizzle! :)

– 2 –
Butter Pecan Cookies


These had a subtle nutty taste and are crumbly melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I love that they are just doused in sugar. The recipe tells you to sprinkle these babies with sugar three separate times. Even still, because of the heavier notes of the pecans, the sweet isn’t overwhelming.

– 3 –
Snickerdoodle Cookies


Being from New England, I had only had these once or twice and yesterday was my first time baking them. It’s a shame they weren’t part of my life sooner though because they are just so delicious. Buttery and gently sweet with that warm touch of cinnamon. Mmm, mmm. This recipe was great although my cookies came out a little flat. I think my oven might have been a little too hot or possibly my butter a little too soft. Still taste yummy!

– 4 –
Andes Mint Cookies

IMG_8561 IMG_8558

I was a little disappointed with this recipe. It calls for a boxed cake mix instead of using regular ingredients. I went with it, hoping it would make for an easier time of things, but I found the cake mix made the batter crumbly and hard to form into balls leading me to have to add extra vegetable oil, which, ya, I wasn’t a fan of doing. They’re pretty much the same base cookie as the Chocolate Cherry Walnut cookies above, so next time I think I’ll use that recipe instead. All the fuss aside though, they taste very yummy with their mint toppings.

– 5 –
Lemon Icebox Cookies


These are delicious! The last cookies I made (and almost ran out of time to make ’em!) they are a very nice refreshing complement to the others. They were very easy to make and an awesome thing about this recipe is you can keep the cookie dough in the freezer for up to a month before baking so you can always have some on hand. Love that. I forgot to use parchment/wax paper on my cookie sheets so the bottoms got a little browned, but they still taste like awesome little delicious lemony sugar cookies.

I hope this helps you find all the right cookies you need to celebrate Christmas so so soon!

Since there are five sorts of cookies, I thought I’d link up with Hallie a bit late.



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