Living Faith

Apprenticeship in Creation

“The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort toward wholeness.”     – Madeleine L’Engle

Well, if that isn’t an exhortation to get back on the blog train, I don’t know what is.

Hello, dear reader. I apologize for my silence. Did you wonder if my fingers had frozen off in the [what seemed like months] of below-freezing New England temps? It would have been a reasonable assumption. Let’s go with it. But now the world outside is beginning to thaw in both the subtle compacting of snow banks and the dramatic slam of clearing roofs, and I am ready to write again. As Ms. L’Engle says, it is an effort toward wholeness for me. As I write, I think through new ideas and explore life along with you. So, thank you for reading.

Can I get theologically geeked-out for a minute? I can’t stop thinking of this quote I’ve shared with you. Is it not a miracle that we are able to create new things? Have new ideas? Change our minds? Invent a solution? Connect with one another’s souls through the strokes of a brush, the lilt of a voice, the pings of a keyboard? God is the Great Creator, the One who brought order out of chaos and meaning out of confusion to create our world and our existence. If it were me, I might just go ahead and stop there. BUT NO. God created us in the divine image and then was like, “You know what this means my dear one? You have the ability to dream and invent and build and express beauty! And won’t we make such a wonderful world?!”

It’s easy to get bogged down in all the things we have to do, that need our attention, that are high priority. I think that’s what really happened to me these last two months. But being made in the image of an ever-creating, abundantly-generous God, calls us to do not only what is needed but what glorifies God’s greatness with it’s beauty and spirit. The gifts we have been given ought to be exercised if for no other reason than that they are wonderful gifts from a Wonderful Giver. And if you need another reason, it is in creating that we are made whole, holy, more fully displaying the image of our Creator.

So, keep at it, I tell myself along with you. Exercise your God-given creativity however it takes shape. Our God is not finished creating us or our world, and he’s apprenticing us to help.


What are your favorite or most treasured ways to be creative?
How do they move you toward wholeness? 



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