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Where do the days go?! A “7 Quick Takes” Post

Hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it! I think I missed the entirety of Lent and we’re now four weeks into Easter, so ya, quite a while. It was a busy semester for me. Fuller than I had anticipated. So, sorry! Since it’s been so long, for this post I’d just like to catch up a bit and tell you what’s been going on in my life. I’m going to go ahead and link up with Jen for 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.

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Lenten Update

Well, since I missed blogging through Lent and most of Easter, I at least want to tell you a little about it. We gave up TV in our house for Lent. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever given up. Which is weird because I barely used to watch TV at all! Like all through college, barely ever watched it. But man, with this difficult final semester of grad school I really was desiring me some Chuck and HIMYM this Lent. That’s ok though, we compensated (are we the only ones who get super creative at compensating for the things we gave up in Lent, or is that just human nature?) and started playing video games.

Thanks to my brother Tyler we have a PS3 and Kingdom Hearts saw a lot of play this Lent. But giving up TV was still great for our spiritual and family life. We played video games, yes, but we also played board games and ate dinner at the table and read together. It was nice.

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A Boston/Easter/Marathon (in multiple senses of the word) Weekend

We had the wonderful pleasure of hosting Tom’s sister and her boyfriend for Easter and for this year’s Boston Marathon. I’m just going to share some pictures. But basically it was just an amazing weekend and so much fun to have them here.

IMG_8945 IMG_8966 IMG_89602014-04-19 09.54.142014-04-20 16.52.55 IMG_8990 IMG_8976 IMG_8999 IMG_9003 2014-04-21 13.46.54 2014-04-21 14.00.18

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School is Over

Guys, I FINISHED GRADUATE SCHOOL! Get excited! I am so pumped to be done. I liked my experience well enough, but it was a trying one for me most of the way through. I love learning, but I never wanted to go back to school after college so these last three years were totally an act of love for whatever parish or campus ministry out there who will hire me. I did it for you! I graduate on Monday with a Masters in Divinity and couldn’t be more pumped or more grateful for all the people who helped me through and made it fun. You know who you are.2014-01-31 09.23.09

{ 4 }
Graduation Present!

One beautiful side effect of finishing up my graduate studies has been to see how proud my husband is of me. Perhaps this is a strange thing to say or perhaps it should be obvious that he would be proud of me, but it has been a beautiful and empowering gift. There’s really nothing like getting a look that says, “You are brilliant and amazing and you did it! And on top of that I love you!” all at the once.

Because he is so proud of me and because he’s awesome, Tom got me an amazing present for graduation: a Canon EOS T5i. He’s known that I’ve wanted a digital SLR for a long time, and I’ve been saving up slowly but surely…but really slowly. Tom made up the difference and the camera arrived in the mail on Tuesday! Here is a picture of the Boston College colored flowers I took with it this week. I’m still learning all of the functions, but it is a joy to make pictures with!

IMG_9047 IMG_9036

{ 5 }
“What are you doing after graduation?”

It’s a dreaded but necessary question, isn’t it? Part of graduating is looking forward to what’s next. Unfortunately, at this moment the future is still hazy for me. My deep hope is that I will be able to serve in a Catholic parish, particularly in the faith formation of adults in some capacity. In prayer, I’ve had wonderful encouragement and confirmation that this is the path I ought to pursue, the path that will make both me and Jesus deeply happy. So, I’m trying to find that little plot of earth where I can prepare and till and reap the harvest!

I’ve had some interviews with parishes in the Boston area and hope those turn into real possibilities, but right now, I don’t know how it will all turn out. Waiting and trusting in the Lord is one of the hardest things for me to do. But I think the process has taught me a little more about what it means to put my hope in Jesus above all, to be diligent and optimistic in my search, and to be excited for the unknown that the future holds.

{ 6 }
Christ’s Light Still Shines at Harvard

This week was already going to be eventful, but then it got more so when a group at Harvard Extension School decided they would host a satanic mass on campus. Of course, the Harvard Catholic community and the Boston Archdiocese in general were outraged. And of course, as alumni, Tom and I were too! It felt like a very personal affront on a place we fondly remember as home. But praise the Lord for he is good. Close to 2,000 area Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, and people of good will joined together to pray before the Eucharist in response to the black mass. St. Paul’s Church, where Tom and I were married, was more packed than I have ever seen it before. People processed with the Eucharist from MIT to Harvard through the streets of Cambridge and crowded into St. Paul’s to pray for our campus and for those who think God is a tyrant and not the loving, humble Lord who comes to us in the little and vulnerable form of the Eucharist. Light shone in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.

Photo credit: George Martell/The Pilot Media Group

Photo credit: George Martell/The Pilot Media Group
Photo credit: George Martell/The Pilot Media Group

{ 7 }
We’re getting a ‘new’ car!

This is a story of how God is good. Our beloved little Volvo S70 is getting up there in years. Lots of its parts are achy and failing. We knew we’d need to start looking for a backup car soon and then with my job search we realized we were probably going to need two cars once I land a job. We’ve been ridesharing this year, which has been good in some ways, but it is also often a logistical headache and has had me spending a lot of unnecessary time driving back and forth along I-95. Anyway, we had just started looking when my grandpa called my mom and asked, “How is Andrea planning to travel to her new job? Does she want to take Mimi’s car now that she’s not driving anymore?” Yes, Papa! We’d love to take it! THANK YOU! It was such an answer to prayer. I am so grateful for the generosity of my grandparents who over and over again have helped us willingly and joyfully. They are a model of generosity.

We’ll pick this baby up next week!

Thanks for reading! I missed you guys!



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