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7 Quick Takes about two graduations, a wedding, a job offer and the return of date night

Here again this week with Jen for 7 Quick Takes hosted at Conversion Diary.

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Graduation #1

My brother graduated from college this past Saturday! For a kid who wasn’t even sure if college was his thing for awhile there and who cycled through quite a few career choices in his late teens, it’s so great to see him graduated and on his way to a career as a police officer.


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A Wedding

After my brother’s graduation from Plymouth University in New Hampshire, Tom and I made the 3+ hour drive down to Fairhaven, Massachusetts for my cousin Haylie’s wedding. It’s cool. We happen to really like weddings.

It was a gorgeous day and Haylie looked radiant. I’m so happy for her and her husband Greg! Here she is making the oh-so-momentous walk down the aisle with dad.


I also enjoyed feeling very much a part of my family when I looked down the row and saw this:

IMG_9369Yup. I belong to this clan. :)

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Graduation #2

I graduated! You may now address me as Andrea Jackson, Master of Divinity. ;-)

All jesting aside it was a wonderful day to mark this accomplishment with the ritual of graduation and the presence of friends and family. These last three years were difficult and ultimately rewarding. It was good to celebrate them!

IMG_9726 IMG_9755 2014-05-19 13.57.38 IMG_9742 IMG_9748

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Vocation Appreciation Shout-Out

One of the best things about studying at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry was the opportunity to study alongside Jesuit Scholastics (what non-Jesuits call seminarians). Studying together and learning from one another through our different vocations has been an incredible blessing and a vision of what ministry and life in the church is aiming to be.

More generally, I have lately been blessed by good priests, especially our long-time family friend Fr. Bill, who have bent over backwards to help me get connected in the Archdiocese of Boston. Other priests and religious sisters and holy families have been praying for me during the job process too, and I am buoyed up by the joy and holiness that our complementary vocations bring to the life of God’s people. My friend Sam wrote a beautiful post that speaks my heart on this topic this week too. Give it a read!

2014-05-19 13.58.47 IMG_97682014-05-19 13.56.07IMG_9502IMG_9757

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Grad School Recovery Process

The bulk of this week has been spent trying to recover from not only such a packed weekend last weekend but also from the lifestyle of being a student which I have a particularly difficult time with. I am very glad that the constant pseudo-anxiety of a paper looming or reading always to be done has come to a close. Slowly but surely the bags under my eyes are receding; I got a professional massage on Wednesday (courtesy of my husband’s generosity) so the knots in my shoulders are loosening; I’ve started to do other things with my free time than just stare endlessly at episodes of How I Met Your Mother, so my brain is coming back to full capacity as well. It’ll take some time, but I think I’ll make a full recovery.

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The Return of Date Night

For a while there, you may remember, Tom and I were doing regular “Date Nights” as a fun way to be together and build our relationship as newlyweds. We got a little less formal about it after a while and were busy enough with different family and friend events that it seemed unnecessary to plan a separate event at this stage in our lives. But last night we did have the opportunity for a night out to see our friend Jimmy Shirey perform at The Burren in Cambridge. It was so great to see him on stage and to jam along with beer in hand. I forgot how wonderful his voice is!

2014-05-23 19.13.55

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A job offer

I’m excited to announce that I have been offered a job! Alleluia! I’m also still among three candidates being considered for another one so this is certainly a time for prayer and listening to God’s call. The two positions, were they both firm options, are opportunities with two completely different communities so I need to discern which path would be best for me and which community I would be best able to serve. But so grateful to have an offer that would make me very happy to accept!

One thought on “7 Quick Takes about two graduations, a wedding, a job offer and the return of date night

  1. Congratulations on graduation!! I graduate next April and cannot wait to be done…have a great weekend! :) PS I love your dress from your brother’s graduation too:)



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