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7 Quick Takes about a new job, a new car and an old school’s reunion

Here again this week with Jen for 7 Quick Takes hosted at Conversion Diary.

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A New Job

Last week I received my first job offer. Then I received another! Wow, when it rains it pours, huh? I was very excited and both offers were cause for celebration. Discerning between them took a lot of prayer and advice from those who know and love me.

In the end I decided on a parish pretty close to where we live now on the north shore. It’s a pastoral associate position which is exactly what I wanted. I’ll get to work with adults in the parish, form relationships, and have an eye toward the broader organization and goals of the parish, especially looking toward strengthening outreach and evangelization. I am pumped!!!

I met with my predecessor this week and it was such a joy to talk with her. She’s a wonderful lady and it is no surprise to me why she has been a beloved part of that community for the last two decades! It honestly feels like both an honor and a responsibly to be taking over the reigns from her as she enters retirement. But she’s been doing everything she can to set me up for success and help me get in my feet in the community for which I am so thankful!

I begin the third week of June, so am thankful to have just a little more time to recover from grad school and get myself ready to enter the workforce yet again.

2014-05-31 14.04.59

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Up with the birds

This “recovering” however, might need to involved afternoon naps, because I seem to have developed some mild insomnia in the last few weeks. I mean, I’ve never been good at sleeping in. I’m a natural early bird. But since finishing grad school I have really wanted to regain my energy and get the sleep I need to do that. But I just can’t seem to sleep in. Not even that, I can’t seem to sleep past 5:00am, sometimes not even past 4:00am. It’s awful. I’m such a light sleeper that I think the early-morning sunlight and birdsong are enough to wake me up and then all the decisions and excitement of the last few weeks are enough to keep me that way. I keep meaning to take a nap, but life is too good to miss any of these days, so I have been drinking a lot of coffee. Is there a patron saint of sleeping? I feel like there should be and I could use his/her prayers for making it through the night like a grown-up. I have tried to pray while up in the middle of the night, and that’s nice, but I also have often enough reached for my smartphone to pass the time, write a blog post, you know… :-/

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A New Car!

Can’t you just hear Bob Barker announcing it? It’s not actually a new car. It’s a 2003 Mercury Sable. But it’s new to us and it was a very generous gift from my grandmother, so we are pretty excited about it. Though, as the lady at the registry said so helpfully, “You’re granma gave you a Bat-mobile.” What it lacks in style it makes up for in storage. I cannot wait for my next trip to IKEA. I can fit all of the things now. ; ) We will need the second car when I start the new job which turns out is actually happening. I know, I wasn’t sure there for a while either.

{ 4 }
A New Car, the Minor Key Remix

While the new car came free, it did not come easy. I spent way too much time last Wednesday getting the registration transferred over to my name. First, because the woman at my car insurance agency who took it upon herself to start calling me Andie (no. just no.) had insisted that the somewhat sketchy forms she had emailed me would work just fine. Well, the woman at the RMV saw immediately that they were scanned and printed and not originals (I mean, duh. So obvious.) so that plan had be scrapped. Basically it involved me driving the 20 minutes from my house to the registry 3 separate times. The last time because I got all the way there before realizing that I had left every last piece of relevant paperwork at home by the door. That one was all me. Some days, people, some days.

{ 5 }
Class Day on the Radio

 So, I love commencement week at Harvard. I got to be a part of it twice as an undergrad and it is just, the, best. Like, I still look forward to it every year even though I’m usually not attending.

DSC00296_3_2 IMG_2655

The real meat of commencement week starts with Class Day, a day marked out specifically for the undergrads to celebrate. This year, Sheryl Sandberg spoke to the class of 2014. I had really wanted to go see her speak in person, but I had to deal with the car insurance and registry (see above. Glare.) I was so frustrated with the whole day and on top of it it was just miserable weather. Like 40 degrees and misty all day. Ugh.

But luckily the story does not end there because while I was stuck in traffic leaving the city to visit my grandparents and finish all the car stuff for the day, I browsed my radio stations and found Class Day on the radio! I was able to listen to all of Sheryl Sandberg’s talk before the traffic picked up and I drove out of range. It was definitely the best part of my day.

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An Old School’s Reunion

Speaking of that old school, can you believe this happened 5 years ago already?

4991_661325596041_5485086_n IMG_2654 My 5 year reunion was this past weekend and it was a blast. It was especially good just to talk with old friends and roommates and acquaintances. I really miss seeing these people!

imageimagewpid-20140531_222029.jpgBut there were also a lot of friends who weren’t able to come and that made the weekend feel somehow incomplete, a reminder that though we had all descended on Cambridge once more, it was a limited time offer. We have all moved on to such exciting life stories, but I do wish we could see one another more often. I guess I’ll just have to make travel plans!

Happy reunion to all the friends I saw and all those I missed this weekend. Long-distance hug! And don’t you dare miss the next one.image

{ 6 }
Down Time

Since reunion last weekend I have had a mostly relaxing week to recover a little bit. There were mostly just errands to run and things I had been wanting to do around the house. One [very] little thing I’m particularly proud of is my rearrangement of the window sill in my kitchen. Doesn’t it look nice? I wish I had taken a “before” to show the transformation, but trust me, this is much nicer.


{ 7 }
An EPIC journey begins

And finally, this evening I leave with two faithful companionsimage

on a journey of epic proportions. We are traveling to Milwaukee and to St. Louis to be with many of our Jesuit friends and former classmates as they are ordained as Jesuit (re: Catholic) priests. They are all such good men and their ordinations will be such joyful events. Can’t wait!

The epic journey part will include M.’s first real trip out of Massachusetts which she is bravely undertaking even though it breaks tradition with her ancestors of true non-traveling-ever Massachuttan stock. I am so proud of her! It will also include a train ride and L.’s family farm and horses, as well as cheese curds, of course there will be cheese curds.

We had a very successful pleasant planning meeting lunch this week and I am confident that we are ready to go.

Our planning meeting ice cream was tasty, but I am looking forward to some custard!

Until next time!


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