Married Life

Road Tripping

I’m up this morning not to get ready for work, but to go halfway across the country for “Cotter Camp” my husband’s extended family’s yearly vacation together. About 30 of us (and at least 4 dogs) pile into a big house near Lake Michigan for a week of relaxation, games, reading, hiking and swimming.

We’re driving, and this morning we have our bags packed, I have my camera in tow, and after I finish this post we’ll hop in the car. This car. A friend of ours keeps saying how great it is that Tom and I will be taking a great American roadtrip in a real American station wagon. He has told Molly our dog how lucky she is to be travelling in the Way Back. It is exciting!

Tom and I love roadtrips. They’re part of our crazy love story.

During a summer in college, Tom drove from Pittsburgh to my home in Massachusetts to “pick me up” (as if it were down the street!) before the two of us drove from there to South Bend, IN. We stopped in Utica and Cleveland; it’s when I met most of his family; and we talked. We talked a lot.

We drove through the night and talked about life, our hopes and dreams, who we were and wanted to be.

That was 7 years ago now and a lot has changed in our lives. Much of it for the better I would say. And yet today we set out to make almost the same trip and then some. From Massachusetts to Cleveland, past South Bend and then to “upper lower Michigan.”

And we’ll talk. That much hasn’t changed. We still do love to talk about life, our hopes and dreams, who we are and who we want to be. For us, road trips are a time to slow down, get away from the TV and errands and work, to spend some very quality time together. Belting to classic rock favorites, surely, and also getting to know one another all over again.

Please pray for our safe travels. I look forward to sharing more about our trip with you soon!


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