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A Wee Irish Celebration

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this past Saturday with a delicious feast of corned beef and cabbage, a traditional Irish-American (if not totally authentically Irish) dish. While time-consuming, it is super easy to make.

Ready: Fill a pot with cold water and spill some vinegar in there (1/4 cup ish?). Do not use the seasoning packet the corned beef comes with. Put your flat cut (not point, which is better for shredding) corned beef in there. Boil for 1.5 hours uncovered, adding water when necessary. Pick your favorite root vegetables. We chose carrots, potatoes and turnip. Add those in to boil for an additional hour. Cut a head of cabbage into large wedges and add for the final 15 minutes of cooking. Strain and serve. Keep some of the pot juices to keep reheated meat moist for leftovers.

Serve with Guinness and a side of Irish mischief. Sláinte!

P.S. Check out Tom’s totally finished sweater made from wool yarn purchased on our Ireland honeymoon!

Oh Ireland to see you once again!


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