About Me

IMG_9411Hello there! I’m Andrea. I am a twenty-something wife and graduate student lay minister in the Catholic church still discovering life and learning day by day how to live it with greater charity and grace.

My husband and I are growing into the vocation of marriage which each day calls us to love one another more simply and more generously. We have a lot of joy and we love to share it: with one another, with our wonderful friends, with our family both nearby and far away.

I’m a Massachusetts native, and I’m grooming the hubs into liking the Bay State as well. He hails from Pittsburgh and loves trees and hills and black and gold because of it. I am still figuring out how to lose board games to him and his genius brain with some grace, but we have fun.

I love learning, especially learning how to do things, so you might see me try on new hobbies as the blog goes along. Some that I’ve kept up from the past are knitting, painting, cooking and photography. The item I have most of in my apartment is books (four+ full-sized bookshelves of them people). I yearn for kitchen counter space. My favorite part about cooking is surreptitiously dropping cheese bits and other scraps to my scavenging dog. I love friendship, Jesus and my Catholic faith. I am so grateful for my husband of over two years who brings such laughter to my heart and each day calls me to humility and wonder at his simple goodness.

If you’d like to be in touch, contact me at settingdownroots@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy what you read!


 If you’d like to learn more about my vision for this blog, read this post.



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